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Rocrail ZIP install under Gnome

Installing Rocrail for the first time with the ZIP installer.
Only download and extract the ZIP in the same directory after the first install.

Moving Dialogs

This step has nothing todo with Rocrail, but the default Gnome setting is not wanted.

Open "Ubuntu-Software" from the start menu, and look for "Gnome tweak tool":

Start the application, select Windows, and disable "Attach Modal Dialogs".

Download ZIP installer

Select the Ubuntu 18.04, and allow opening it with the Archive Manager:


Click on the "Extract" button:

Create a new Rocrail directory to extract in:

The Gnome File Explorer does not allow running shell scripts, so it must be done in a Terminal.
Open a Terminal, and execute the following commands:

cd Rocrail

Open the context menu of the Rocview desktop link, and allow executing it:

After this command the Rocrail logo will show up.

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