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GCA110 Minibox DCC Command Station


This unit is a redesign of the original Minibox , designed by Pål A Olsen.

See for more details:

The redesign was made to make MiniBox compatible with the .

Be aware that at the moment of writing the needed firmware is closed source, which we have no influence on, before considering building this small command station.

Any question about functioning of this unit should be addressed to Peter Giling.

By Peter Giling


This unit together with one or more GCA108 boosters, is an ideal combination in DCC train control.

  • Keyboard and display connection (GCA111).
  • Can be used as stand-alone controller.
  • Without GCA108, capable of controlling 1 train directly
  • Loconet commanded, using buffer GCA85 or GCA101. Without GCA85 or GCA101 additional supply (12-16Vdc) and current source for LocoNet is needed.
  • Programming of DCC decoders with additional small interface (under design).
  • LocoNet compatible, excluding programming.
  • Fred's are supported. (Not the new FredI's!)
  • Standard equipped with 2 DCC outputs 0,5 A each for driving LEDs in IR systems.

Picture of the prototype


With thanks to Pål A Olsen, who developed and supplied the software for both processors.

Bill of materials

Reference Value Ordernr
R2,R3 12E
R4 47K
R5 150K
R6 220K
R7,R12,R15 10K
R8 100E
R9 120K 1% metalfilm
R10 100K 1% metalfilm
R11 2M2
R13,R14 4K7
R16 27K 1% metalfilm
R17 39K 1% metalfilm
C2,C6,C7,C8,C9,C16 100nF
C3 ELCO 10uF 25V
C4,C5 33pF
C14 47pF
C15 10 nF MK52
D1 1N4148
T2 BC337
T3 BC557b
IC1,IC2 LM311 DIL8
IC4 PIC12F675 DIL8
IC4 socket socket DIL8
IC5 L293b DIL16
IC5 socket socket DIL16
IC8 16F628 DIL18
IC8 socket socket DIL18
VR1 7805 TO220
J1,J2 RJ12 Darisus MOD6G
J3 CONNECTOR DB9 male Reichelt D-SUB ST 09EU
J4,J5 CONNECTOR DB9 female Reichelt D-SUB BU 09EU
J6 Header 10P single row Reichelt PSK254/10W
F1.. F10 MultiFuse 0,25A Reichelt PFRA025
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