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MGV114 Universal Led Flasher


By Peter Giling


There are a lot of flashing cicuits available, both ready made and kits. But few of them really do a good flashing. For Police cars, fire arms cars, or ambulances, you need a real flasher. This unit can do that.

A simple small processor is doing the trick.

Programmers can alter program as they like. Standard there are two programs:

Red flash on high towers. It flashes two independant leds every two seconds. (More leds are possible). Blue flash for police cars etc.

Any good suggestion for program will be added here.

Resistors R1 and R2 should be 100 Ohms for blue or green leds. Use 150 Ohms for red leds.

The total size of the unit is 27 x 23,5 mm. Smaller is possible if the J1 part is cut off. It is of course possible to make this unit much smaller, specially if using SMD parts, but this one is very easy to assemble. Therefore it is not usable to fix it in a running model.

The PC-board drawing fills a complete Eurocard, containing 20 x MGV114.

Supply can be anything between 9 and 18 volt DC or 8 to 16 Volt ac.

The hardware

The software

Bill of materials

R1,R2 100-150 Ohm (see text)
C1 100 uF 25V radial
C2 100 nF
D1 1N4002
VR1 78L05
U1 PIC12F675
U1s socket DIL08 for U1
J1 AKL012-03 + AKL012-02
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