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GCA140 Commuter train controller for Analog DC loks


By Peter Giling


This article does not really belong here.

But sometimes, even on a nice layout, running under Rocrail, it might be nice to have this unit, just for controlling an electric tram on a short track.

With this unit, that is possible without converting the motorunit itself into 'Digital'.

But also most digital trams and trains, able to run with normal dc transformer, will be useful here.

This unit differs from many others in several ways.

See for that the list of features below.

All that is needed to achieve this, exept power supply is on one pcboard.

The contacts needed to inform the position of the running item, are just a separated section in the rails, with a wire connected to this unit.


- three sections for stopping the commuter : at both ends (invisible places) and in the middle in a station or street-car stopover.

- integrated current sensors for all sections.

- middle section can be bridged, to avoid stopover

- both ends and middle stop time are separately adjustable from 1 to 100 seconds, with on-board pushbuttons.

- speed also adjustable with the same pushbuttons.

- any transformer from 12 to 16V ac/dc will do, but the current must of course be enough to power the used train/street-car.

- accelleration and decellaration speed is done slowly, to achieve a 'real' look.



All firmware files

The used compiler is PICSimulator (

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