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  • ORD-1

Using the ORD-1 hardware as your main Control Station, supports DDA, DDL and DDX.


Attribute: Value: Remark
lib ddl Linux only and for both MM and DCC
lib dda DCC only
lib ddx both MM and DCC, Linux and Windows
ddl.port /dev/ttySx x for the serial port number default 0
ddl.dtr4pt true enable Booster for Programming Track (PT) operations
ddl.s88port 0x378 address of the printer port, LPT1 is default
ddl.s88busses n n for the number of s88 busses 1…4
ddl.s88bXmodcnt n X for the bus number 0…3, n is the number of connected 8 size modules
ddl.usegetcv true reduces time to read values from decoders. Experimental !!!
ddl.shortcutchecking true enables short circuit checking feature
ddl.shortcutdelay 1000 time in ms. A short circuit longer than 1000ms will shut down the booster

Setup the rocrail.ini

<digint iid="ddl-1" lib="ddl">
  <ddl port="/dev/ttyS0" dtr4pt="true" s88port="0x378" s88busses="2" s88b0modcnt="4" s88b1modcnt="2"
  usegetcv="true" shortcutchecking="true" shortcutdelay="1000"/>

EDiTS Sensorbus

You can also use the EDiTS sensor modules with the ORD-1 CS. How to configure a cable for this bus is shown in this table:

s88 EDiTS
6 pin header 5 pin DIN
1 (data) 5
2 (GND) 2
3 (clock) 4
4 (load) 1
5 (reset) -
6 (+5V) 3

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