Different options for connecting interfaces to GCA50 or CAN-GC2

Two possible options can be used for this connection. (see picture below)

Option 1 (left on picture)

This cable should be made with wire 0,25mm.

Qty Materials supplier
2 PSK254/10W www.reichelt.de
1 PSK-Kontakte (set of 20 pcs) www.reichelt.de
1 Psk-Crimpzange www.reichelt.de

Wires are NOT crossed or mirrored i.e. connect pt 1 to pt 1 , etc.

Option 2 (right on picture)

Flatcable 10×2 + connectors. The side without the notch will fit easily.

Qty Materials supplier
2 PFL 20 www.reichelt.de
1 Flatcable AWG 28-20G 3M www.reichelt.de
1 Crimpzange MWZ 214 www.reichelt.de

Wires are NOT crossed i.e. connect pt 1 to pt 1 , etc.

Both options are used here

PSK header connectors

Some users seem to know better, and solder wires directly to the pins or the pc-board.!
That is totally unacceptable !!
Wires will easily break off, and cause a lot of damage in many cases.
So use connectors !!!!!
In order to ease making these cables, it is also possible to buy the necessary tool, to create the PSK cables.
The best wire to be used with PSK connectors is 0,25 mm².
This special plier will be sold for net price of € 18,25 if ordered together with complete kits. crimpzange.jpg
Just ask peter.

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