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N Scale Demo Layout

User pagesRob Versluis

This tiny layout is for testing and demo's. It sizes only 100 x 50 CM and could run 3 locos at max.
It also features bi-directional communication as offered by Digitrax in form of Transponding. RailCom would be also interesting, but needs special boosters and receivers. The Digitrax solution is additional like Uhlenbrock's Lissy.


  • Transponding is optional and can be left out.
  • A good alternative to the Digtrax BDL168 is the one MGV50 and two MGV93.


Pencil Art

The blue dots are single and the red are double isolated.
The double ones were for a trackdriver system like Dinamo.



  • 2 x MGV50 LocoIO
  • 1 x MGV84 Quad servo driver
  • 1 x MGV85 LocoBuffer
  • 1 x MGV? Voltage dropdown for none detected sections and turnouts
  • 1 x Digitrax BDL168
  • 1 x Digitrax RX4
  • 4 x Modelcraft Top Line Mini Servo ES-05 JR (Conrad)


Zone Block(s)
A 3
B 4, 5
C 2
D 1

The Lenz Mini Gold decoder seems todo also a kind of transponding:

20090405.202432.824 r9999c lnreader OLocoNet 0579 BDL[2] RX[16017] zone [A] reports [present] of decoder address [20]

The V200 has 20 as decoder address…

"Stoneway" movie of running layout.

Wiring finished and tested.

Endlessly running.

Signals in wood.
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