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Run around

A detailed description of the Blueprint "Run around a loco.". Copyright SGB

Short description

Run around a loco requires a decoupling system mounted on the loco. The loco decouples and runs over a parallel track to the other side of the consist to couple it. This enables the possibility to run a train in the opposite direction with the loco at front.
This is of interest for 0 layouts running locos from Lenz, or other reliable decoupler systems.


  1. Run the train in block 2 slowly to prevent having a car on the IN sensor.
  2. Decouple in block 2.
  3. Run forwards over switch 1 in the 'short' block 4.
  4. Run backwards, over parallel block 3, to block 1 behind the siding where the cars are waiting.
  5. Run forwards, slowly in block 2 where the cars are waiting, until the car which the loco has decoupled from triggers the in event.



By Action

An action chain, triggered by 2c, could do the job with exactly all the actions described in the Sequence paragraph.

  • decouple: function x
  • goto block 4
  • goto block 1, a route from 4 to one with crossing block 3
  • goto block 2
  • swap if needed; depends on the available routes

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