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sorry, out of date

See the German instrctions please.

Install pre-build on a raspi 3

This is a short instruction how to install Rocrail on a RasPi 3, based on my german instructions.

1st prepare sd-card

Install a Rasbian OS as instructed on raspberry on the sd-card, use the "RASPBIAN STRETCH WITH PIXEL" version (full version of os).

2nd start and configure the raspi

Connect the raspi to the internet, put the sd-card into the raspi and start the raspi (power ON). It starts with the Pixel-desktop. Configure the raspi to your needs and run the os-updates sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade. Reboot the RasPi.

3rd install rocrail

Connect the raspi to the internet. Open the browser and call Select the Raspbian Installation file for download. Finishing the download select save this file.
Open the filemanager, select section Downloads, selct the installationfile an make a right mouse-click. Select Paketinstallation

Sicherheitsabfrage und Passwortabfrage

4th Start Rocrail (desktop only)

Open Rocview to start Rocrail:

5th Update Rocrail

Update Rocrail is done as a new installation. Your Rocrail-settings and Your Rocrail-plans will be saved.

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