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ESP8266 Rocnet Nodes

RocClient Experiments
Rocrail Client experiments using the Wemos Oled Battery board.img_2164.jpg


RocClient Tool

This is a tool for setting Rocnet (Pi03) servo "left and right" positions. It uses the ESP8266 as a client to Rocrail, and then uses Rocnet protocol over MQTT to set and fine tune the Left and right settings of a selected Pi03 drive.

The tool is built around the same code used in my throttle, but this time it initially requests all switch properties using the "swprops" command that Rob has recently added.

Once the tool has a list of switches on the layout (it can take up to about 100), it displays these as a list
Then, using up and down buttons (or a rotary selector), the desired switch is selected.
Clicking "right" on the 5 way selector built into the wemos demo board, the tool interrogates the Rocnet Pi03 address selected and obtains the current Left and Right position settings.
The tool initially displays the Left setting. If you press up or down (5way switch or the rotary switch if fitted), then the "Left" setting will be altered, and sent to the Rocnet Node,so you should see the servo move slightly. You can then move the servo to the exact position needed. Pressing "Right" switches to the Right" setting. Pressing Right again scrolls back to the turnout selector, so you can repeat the process. There is a video of how it works here:


I have only tested this tool with my own ESP8266 based Rocnet nodes. I have not confirmed that a "Real" RasberryPi Based RocnetNode will be set by the code.

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