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Notes on setting up WIO OLED display

Using displays:

**Set up a text object**

with the required WIO Node address (set in Interface) Ignore the "text field in General, as this will be updated and populated later by the actions. (example here is "WIO33").

Set up an Action

. This will determine what is actually sent: Here I call it "Display _MSG" and send the text {E} {L0X0B'db'X18} Deutsche Bahn {L2X0B'ns'X18} Nederlandse Spoorwegen {L4X0B'rocrail'} {P}

(NOTE the commands are for most recent WIO.. in particular the "B'name'"

Set up second Action

(e.g. "Display_Clr" to clear the display (sends command {E}{P}

Set up a **button** on Rocview

Set up two actions - one on and one off.

All done!

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