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WIO Over The Air

After the first time the WIO firmware has been loaded into the module, it is possible to load firmware Over The Air (OTA).

The module has to be powered on.

constitutes a wireless model rail-road track control system to be used with “ROCRAIL™”.

It consists of hardware and software.

The hardware components are:

  • Power supply
  • Wifi router
  • Raspberry Pi
  • DCC++ Command Station
  • Double Turnout Decoder
  • Single Turnout Decoder
  • Switch Decoder
  • Sensor Decoder
  • Output Decoder
  • Hall sensor holder
  • Current detection sensor
  • Servo motor
  • Servo motor bracket

The software components are:

  • Raspbian
  • Rocrail
  • Mosquitto
  • DCC++ software modified
  • One software package for decoders

The functions performed are:

  • Wireless control of turnouts:
  1. the decoder moves the turnout
  2. switches polarity of driving current
  3. signals movement of the turnout by means of a software alert
  4. signals occupancy by means of current detection
  • Wireless occupation detection:
  1. the decoder signals block occupancy by means of a hall sensor
  2. and/or by means of a current detection sensor
  3. other sensors or switches easily accommodated
  • Wireless on/off switching of outputs
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