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After a long but interesting journey we arrived at the goal: a wireless signalling and control system for a model railroad layout controlled by ROCRAIL™.

It is a completely DIY (Do It Yourself) system. The software and hardware for the decoders and servo tool are of my own hand. Everybody who likes to use the system is encouraged to do so. These user pages are aimed at providing enough information to build the components by oneselves. Software is provided as are the “Eagle-cad” and “gerber files” to have the PCBs(Printed Circuit Boards) manufactured.

These user pages have to be read together with the documentation contained in the software packages, the “sketches”. For explanation of the Rocnet Protocol is referred to the Rocrail Wiki.
It is assumed that the user is familiar with soldering THT (Through Hole Technique) components onto a PCB. Also testing the resulting hardware should be a familiar effort.
Furthermore the user is supposed to be familiar with programming a Wemos ESP8266 module with the Arduino IDE(Integrated Development Environment). Installation of Rocrail on the Raspi platform is addressed in the Rocrail Wiki extensively.
No explanation about these topics is given in this manual.

Disclaimer: The software and hardware design documentation is provided as is. Use of the software and hardware is at own risk of the user. No warranty in which ever form is given or can be claimed. The provider is not liable for any damage caused by application of the software or hardware design documentation.

Ellard Postma
September 2017

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