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:!: Current WIOpi software and WIOpi-01 are not yet completely pin compatible.
This will be adjusted if the WIOpi-01 PCB is GA.
CHeck the startup trace of WIOpi for the used pin numbers.


The WS2801 LED strips connection:

Pixel I/O1 BCM Remark
GND 2 (GND) -
DI 6 (spi0) MOSI
CI 8 (spi2) SCLK
V+ 1 (VDD) - Only to feed a few WS2801.


Stepper I/O2 BCM Remark
GND 2 (GND) -
IN1 3 (st1-0) 0
IN2 4 (st1-1) 5
IN3 5 (st1-2) 6
IN4 6 (st1-3) 19
CAL 8 (st1-5) 26
V+ 1 (VDD) - Only to feed a small 5V stepper.


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