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Zimo MX10

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The new MX10 uses the Zimo CAN 2 protocol over USB and Ethernet/UDP.

Setup UDP

Test firmware version: 1.18.225.


The default IP ist
The IP-Address can be changed in the MX10 menu: PC Config+Monitor.

:!: Some IP addresses do not or only partly work. This is a bug in the MX10 Firmware.
Try to solve this with another address or range.

UDP Ports

The default ports are 14520 and 14521.
The ports can be changed in the MX10 menu: PC Config+Monitor.






The used addressing scheme is NMRA; Zero port is allowed.
Dual coil motors are address with two ports.
The address set at the switch definition is the decoder number. (NMRA)
The port set at the switch definition is for straight and the port + 1 for thrown.

System check

If MX8, MX9 or StEin decoders are defined in the Accessory Decoders table they will be checked if they are available at start up. (WIP)
If one or more decoders are not online the automatic mode will be blocked until the missing decoders are recovered. (WIP)
The NID must be set in the Bus field.

Status Light

  • Green = OK or active.

1 Plan health

The startup track plan health status.
Check the Rocrail server trace in case of red.

2 Track Power

  • Global track power.

3 MX10 Connection

  • The USB or UDP open was successful.

4 Sensor System

  • All defined MX9 modules are ready.

5 Accessory System

  • All defined MX8 modules are ready.

6 Auto mode

  • Ready to run trains in auto mode.


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