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Build wxWidgets 2.8.x from source

Some distributions do not have a matching wxWidgets package. So here is a small guide line for building it your self.

Linux systems

- download:*.tar.gz
- install gtk2-devel and all other missing development tools from your distribution!!!
- unzip the source tarball:
    gzip -d wxGTK-2.8.*.tar.gz
- un tar it:
    tar -xf wxGTK-2.8.*.tar
- cd wxGTK-2.8.*
- ./configure --enable-unicode --enable-graphics_ctx
- make
- install the wx headers and libraries:
  sudo make install
- update the
    sudo /sbin/ldconfig

Windows systems

Please see the detailed description in Compile Rocrail with MinGW, MSYS and wxWidgets.

Now you must be able to compile and run the Rocgui on your system.

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