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CAN-GC12 CBUS switch panel


By Peter Giling


This unit is identical to the GCA123, but now for use with CBUS.
The popularity of using your Android or iPhone for controlling turnouts is growing.
But still I hear people who are opposed to it, because it is mostly not a single handed easy to use device.
For example the CAN-GC5 or RocoMaus are confortable for controlling a train, but commanding switches need always the
information about he address of the turnout to be commanded.
This unit can sometimes of better help.
Specially for testing turnouts, or manually fiddling around with trains over a few turnouts, this unit CAN be extremely useful.
The outside look is virtually the same as the GCA123, fitting in the same box.
Programming is done in the same way as for CAN-GC2(a).
Also a nice front panel is in production now, which also fits the GCA123.


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