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Build Rocrail from Source

Get Rocrail Sources

Git Clone

git clone <repository link>

Updating the local tree

Only the first time a clone is downloaded, afterward only the changes:

cd Rocrail
git pull

Resolve conflicts

Sometimes local changes can conflict with a pull from the repository like:

error: Your local changes to 'rocs/rocs-gen.tar.gz' would be overwritten by merge.  Aborting.
Please, commit your changes or stash them before you can merge.

Solution 1:

git reset --hard
git pull

Solution 2:

git stash
git pull
git stash pop

Build Rocrail from source (Linux)

Use the following commands as a normal user, not as root:

  • Install git
  • check out the Rocrail sources
  • cd Rocrail
  • make -j4 fromtar

On none i386, or incompatible, Linux distributions a 'make fromtar" is required.


  • Many header and source files are generated in the build process and are not in the repository!
  • If you have problems compiling the rocs library, the object generator binary does not fit to your Linux system. Try make fromtar.
  • After a change in the rocs.xml, the rocs-gen.tar.gz will also be changed. For none i386 platform a make fromtar is necessary.

Main Build Targets

Target Description Remark
all Server and Client.
fromtar Same as all but with pre generated files. Mandatory for none i386 platforms.
server Server only. Automatically uses internal fromtar.
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