Serial Programmable LEDs (SPL)


This library supports the Elektor Serial Programmable LEDs, SPL, project which was published in december 2013.
Its a very economically priced DIY 'Bus' for controlling LEDs in buildings and so on.


Only the serial port must be selected the line settings are fixed:

  • 9600-n-1


Switch, Signal and Output objects are supported.

Address Home number 1…255
Port LED number 1…8

Signal Aspects

The Signal support is for Control type Aspect number only.
The Aspect number must be set accordingly to which LED(s) must be set.

Aspect # L1 L2 L3 L4 L5
1 X
2 X
3 X X
4 X
5 X X
6 X X
7 X X X
8 X
9 X X
10 X X
11 X X X
12 X X
13 X X X
14 X X X
15 X X X X
16 X
17 X X

Programming a module address

With the SPL dialog the address can be programmed of a module.

  • Set the IID field to the SPL library as configured in the Rocrail Controllers.
  • Set address to 255 if the module did not became an address before and set the new address as desired.
  • Set address to the actual module address to program the new address.

With the Set button the address will be programmed.

Note: The module shows its address at startup with the connected LEDs at startup until the first PC command is received.

Random LED Control

To generate random LED activity can be programmed on the Control tab of the SPL dialog.
Check the 8 LEDs option if the modules are supporting 8 instead of 5 LEDs. (GCA)
Set the module range and program it by the Set button.

  • To disable this Random LED Control both addresses should be set to zero.
  • The random pause between the random actions is between 500ms and 3500ms.
  • The random action will flip the actual LED status.


GCA has SPL compatible hardware:


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