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G-ASH02 Shield for Arduino Mega and DCCpp sketch


By Peter Giling

This shield enables the use of 32 I/O ports with DCCp central unit.
It contains 4 standard PSS-10 connectors to connect all kinds of buffers like GCA93, GCA94, GCA76 etc.
Further more a solid switching power supply is installed to enable a good supply for a full 1 Anp.
No heatsink is needed to achieve this, while input can be anything from 7 to 18 V DC.
It is possible to separate power supply between this board and Arduino, but can also used to supply both.
For more practical info, please refer to this page
There are 4 resistor arrays situated on board,
These arrays are basicly only needed when open collector interface boards like GCA93 are used.


The final result

G-ASH02 board only Mounted on Arduino Mega The complete combination with motor shield
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