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GCA-RFID support pcb for ID-12/20(LA) rfid sensor


By Peter Giling


The Id-12(20) LA rfid sensor can be mounted as is.
But to have it mounted to a board, which contains a dc-filter, and convenient leds
might be an advantage.
This board can be used in different ways.
For the each of the two leds there are three different positions possible.
The basic idea was to be able to put in the 3D printable WIO-box.
(see DIY > 3D print.
Print can therefore also cut in different sizes.
For the WIO_Box cut the A and B line.
For even maller size, cut D as well.
ID-12 can be soldered directly to pcb, and therefore the resistors
have other possible positions outside the sensor shape.
But is also possible for resistors to be mounted at the backside of pcb.
Just fix it the way you like or need.

The used parts are:

  • pcb GCA-RFID through hole metallised with silk-screen.
  • resistor R1 OR R11 : 0 to 10 Ohm (can also be short circuited > in which case C1 and/ or C11 should be omiitted)
  • resistor R2 OR R12 : 1 KOhm
  • resistor R3 OR R13 : 1 KOhm
  • Le1 (OR Le11 OR Le21) 3mm led (for outside use high intensity)
  • Le2 (OR Le12 OR Le22) 3mm led (for outside use high intensity)
  • Connection wires can be sopldered directly to J1.
  • The use connector PSS 254/3G or PSS253/3W is optional.
  • C1 (OR C11) Elco 100 uF 16 Volt radial (see R1 above).

Kits will include fitting connectors.
Kits also include the right headers, to avoid soldering the ID-12.


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