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WIO_T1 Large scale wireless for 2 turnouts and 4 digital inputs.

Copyright Rob Versluis and Peter Giling


This unit started with the wish to make a wireless controller for large scale outside use.
The basic idea was to use rails as a power source (digital or analog) and make a unit that is detacheable with only one connecter.
It should be removed easily in bad weather situations like rain and/or thunderstorms.
Roc wanted to go a bit further and put a chargeable battery in the same box.
In that way no power from the rails was needed.
And since two locomotives were already equipped with WIO_Drive and a chargeable battery, no power on the rails was needed at all.
And that includes no more rail cleaning.
More about the loc itself will be explained, once I have my own loc prepaired for that.
This unit is using the small Lolin D1 mini, because not much IO is required.
Only 4 I/O ports for the 2 turnouts, and 2 ports for I2C communication for input purposes.
The standard WIO sketch is used like in all other WIO units.
Turnout motors like the LGB types are switched by relays, two for each turnout.
Since WIO system supports feed-back, the reliablity is maintained also in this unit.
It reports a finishing task, and also measures battery condition.
When charge is getting low, it will report this to Rocrail, and Rocrail will take necessary steps to stop automatic control.
A standard small 12V acid lead battery is used, which in normal condition has sure enough capacity to last a whole day,
unless you put the turnout in test mode of course.

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