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WIO_02: RBUS/MBUS/Rocnode/USB/WIFI General I/O, Servo, LED, RFID, Display, Sensor, RailCom.

Copyright Rob Versluis and Peter Giling

wio_02_pict01.jpg The I/O unit with tremendous options.


This unit is based on WIO_01, but with even more options for I/O.

  • Rocrail communication via Wifi or CAN
  • 32 x digital I/O (usable for a large range of GCA extension boards)
  • 4 x servo (on board supply)
  • 2 x RFID input
  • switching 5 V power regulator for more economical energy consumption
  • I2C connection for display
  • connection for GCA214 Railcom sensor
  • output for fastled
  • output for stepmotor driver
  • RocNetNode I2C connector

This board is still under development.

Firmware info

Since this board is using same firmware as other WIO related units, the complete concept
is explained in one page.


Based on experiences with Lolin D32, used in WIO_Control unit, it provided much
more I/O possibilities, with a higher speed.
And it was also possible to put all the extra features in the same WIO sketch.
So in rather short time this WIO_02 was developed.
One big advantage was the internal built in CAN interface inside the Lolin D32.
That enables to introduce the RCAN and MBUS interfaces with little external hardware,
Also RocNet based on I2C is again available on this board, including
the standard buffer to make this RocNet compatible with all GCA_PIxx boards.
But due to the fact that there has been several discussions, why this not really cheap buffer
is needed when only very short connections are made, this boards also features the option to
discard this buffer and use two jumper to switch to standard I2C.
I personally prefer the buffered situation at all times, based on a long time professional use
of (buffered) I2C for agricultural climate control systems.
But now the user can make his own decisions in that matter.


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