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WIO-Control Wireless throttle.


Copyright Rob Versluis and Peter Giling


Unit is ready and working, but there is some delay in the whole setup.

Since there is a correct housing ordered now, in which the complete set finds a much better fitting, the printed circuit
is redesigned to match this new housing, enable to use four fasteners to fix the pcb and also makes assembling much more logical.
Now is the time to develop a complete construction manual.


  • Long lasting built in rechargeable battery.
  • Wifi communication.
  • Easy selection of all in Rocrail activated trains.
  • Charging via standard usb B connector.
  • In Rocrail, this remote control works with virtually any train control system, connected to Rocrail.
  • Auto power off
  • Battery charge condition visible on display.
  • Up to 128 speed steps.
  • Keys will switch 8 functions
  • Security test for keeping the communication alive. Controlled train will stop when communication is lost.

Construction manual

The first edition of the construction manual
Pending the testing process, this manual will be expanded if applicable.

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