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WIOPi_01 Wireless drive on base of Raspberry Zero.

Copyright Rob Versluis and Peter Giling

wiopi_01_pict03.jpg wiopi_01_pict04.jpg
The base pcboard only The total unit with Raspberry Zero on top The professional pcb


The total WIO idea has been spread out so far into a nice assortiment of modules.
But hat was all based on the Arduino family.
The new development of he Raspberry Zero, proves, that other producers can do the same
This unit uses the Raspberry Pi Zero as base, which makes it very compatible with the Arduino boards.
The unit was in principle developed to be used in G-track locs.
But doing that there is one thing that should be different.
The Zero takes a few seconds to start up, and a not very solid contact from the rails would cause
the loc to stop for a few seconds.
To avoid that , and also to avoid needing to really seriously clean the rails before we can play outside.
the decision was made to use a chargeable battery inside the loc
But a loc needs more than just motordrive.
The WIOPi-0 has several other controls on board.
This unit is one of the first that also needs SMD components.
WE tried to avoid that as much as possible, but speceially the A/D converter is
no longer in the market in DIL-16, so there was no choice at all.
But this type SO-16 is rather easy to solder with a steady hand and a good quality soldertool.


  • Control output for 2 servo's, where doors or pantographs can be put in motion.
  • Of course output for front and backlights. (led output as standard, but applicable for other items)
  • I2C to connect various other options, even a display
  • 2 analog inputs for measuring anything that would be interesting.
  • RocNet driver on board.
  • Serial port to connect an RFID unit like ID12LA. This will abort the need of feed-back contacts and a lot of wiring for that.
  • On board H-bridge L6203 for driving motors.

Hardware files

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