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WIOPicoW-1 the youngest WIO family.

The WIO+PicoW-1 pcboard with separately
showing the Raspbery Pico W unit
Copyright Rob Versluis and Peter Giling

Rocrail follows a new trend.

The rather succesfull WIO family has a nice new member.
The Raspberry Pico W module opens a new way of easy programming.
And a stronger WIFI application inside makes a more solid WIFI connection possible over a larger range.
Programming the chip inside is as easy as copying a file to an sd-card.
Just connect the Pico W to usb, while presSing down The on-board pushbutton,
and it annaouces itself as an sd-card.
After writing the dedicated program to the card. the Raspberry Pico W starts itself.

A nice set of I/O options

With a small unit like this WIOPicoW-1 it has a quite somew nice connecti0on features. * 2 x 8 I/O ports compatible with most GCA adapter boards (only if 3.3V is possible, * RS485 connector, for future expensions inside Rocrail * 4 x servomotors. * I2C connector * neopixel connector for a large series of 280x series RGBleds. * serial RS232 connector.

Green power system

Th board also is equipped with a switching 5 volt power.
This reduces the total power consumption.
Power 9-12V dc. max 0,43 mA


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