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WIO_Prog DCC 3.5 Amp central station with separated programming track output.

Copyright Rob Versluis and Peter Giling


This unit , commanded via Wifi, is using the same firmware of WIO_01.
It is a complete DCC central station with a maximum power of 3.5 Amp.
A second output for programming track adds an extra 1 Amp.

wio-prog-display.jpg By simply making the right settings, WIO_Prog will behave as described:

  • DCC Central station (I2C SSD1306 display connection is also available.)
  • All complete CV programming facilities and read back on programming track.


  • Programming on main (PoM) is possible. For PoM read the GCA214 is needed as global RailCom detector.
  • Selectable voltage output for scales between N and 1
  • Wifi connection with Rocrail
  • Automatic stop of trains when Wifi is not stable or missing
  • Supply with standard trafo possible.
  • Excellent output accuracy.

More info

Since this board is using same firmware as other WIO related units, the complete concept
is explained in one page.


Do NOT place the H-Bridge output filters! (Let R6+C12 and R7+C14 be unmounted.)

Dip Switch settings

SW1 (1&2)
scale 1 2 Vout
0,1,G off off 23.5 Volt
HO on off 18.2 Volt
N off on 15.1 Volt

SW1 (3) max current limit
on 3 amp
off 1 amp

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