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GCA02 Double relay board

By Peter Giling


This board with two double pole, double task, bistabil relays is standard designed for use with 12 or 24V relays.
Depending on the chosen relays, 12 or 24 V ac/dc is needed to change ralay position.
The bistabil relays are capable of switching 2 Amp ac or dc.
This bistabil situation comes very handy, because you have to power it shortly to change the postion,
and no further power is needed to keep the relay in that position.
Simple pushbuttons can be used for that.
The unit is also configurable for 5V dc control via GCA50, CAN_GC2, GCA_PI02 or WIO**.
Of course 5V relays shpuld be mounted that way, and
some parts need to be bridged with wires.
More info? please ask Peter.

Hardware files

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