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GCA140 Standalone controller for commuter trains


By Peter Giling


This unit can only be used with standard analog trains which run on normal 12-16V dc.
It has maximum 4 stop functions.
Power supply can be done buy any ac or dc train transformer.
The communter train wil start slowly to maximum speed, and starts decending slowly when the stop section is reached.
An extra option is using a station somewhere half between the ultimate end stop sections.
The stop sections are defined by cutting the rail into separate scections.
These separate section are to be connected to input 1..4 on the board.
The manual, as referred below is expalining the exact connections
Only one side needs cuting, ALL IN THE SAME RAILSIDE.
Adjusting maximum speed and pause times is done by pushbuttons.


The -timely only in Dutch- manual can be downmloaded here.

manual GCA140 Nederlands



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