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GCA153 Simple ICSP programmer for PIC processors


By Peter Giling


www.ic-prog.com_jdmset2.jpg In Circuit programming seems to be the most popular way of getting your PICprocessor filled with the program. This unit is useable for all MGV and GCA projects, containing a PIC processor.

It is a small pcboard, fitting in a D-SUB connector housing.

Only a few parts are needed to complete it. See details on schematics.

The used program is ICPROG (

The GCA153 is connected to a COMM port on your computer.

JDM programmer setup is used. Setting of Delay and Interface must be tried.

Also usable with Windows 7.


The pictures below will show all you need about the how-to construction.

Just small modifications need to be made to the housing to make it fit.

Only the through holes for the screw has to be cut out on both sides for about 0.8 mm, the be able to fit the pcboard in between.

The small 5-pole connector fits at all GCA boards to the ICSP connector.

No additional supply is needed.

4 wires to be connected on the bottom side, one wire to be connected on the parts side (see yellow wire).

The Schematics

The pc-board and parts positions

The materials list

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