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GCA180 Relay unit for standard Turntables.


By Peter Giling


A standard turntable like from Fleischmann or Märklin, has a three wire control.
This controls both start/stop and direction.
It is not possible to connect that directly to GCA50 or CAN-GC2, due to the higher voltage of this turntable.
This unit makes it possible.
Of course this way does not make it full Rocrail automatic controllable, but at least it is possible with two
buttons in Rocview, to command the unit.
It requires 16V ac/dc from any standard train transformer, and a connection to either GCA50, CAN-GC2 or GCA_PI02.
On board is a selector to select which 2 out of 8 ports are used.
The other 6 ports remain accessable by a second 10 pin PSS connector.
If any of the two inputs recieves +5V, a direction is selected and the motor will start.
After releasing the button the motors keeps turning until the next stop.
In GCA50 settings select C2 for both ports.
For CAN-GC2 , select single output in interface page of the button.

The red, yellow and gray wires (as indicated on board print) are to be removed from handcontroller, and connected to the pcb.

The prototype

No boards available from

The hardware

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