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GCA183 LocoNet 4 servo controller with feed-back + 8 input ports


By Gerard Remmerswaal and Peter Giling


LocoNet® is popular because of its reliable and easy to use hardware.
So far GCA did not have a direct system for controlling servo's.
There was the very popular GCA136 unit, easy configurable within Rocrail.
To connect it to LocoNet®, there always was needed a GCA50, which could handle two of these units, or one and combined with other units.
GCA183 is one step further.
It provides 4 outputs for servo's and additional equipped with 8 input ports, to be used directly with Hallsensors or IR sensors,
or to be connected to GCA93, GCA94, GCA133 or GCA173
Programming can be done exactly like the combination of GCA50 and GCA136,
GCA183 also provides connection for the relay-unit GCA137, to enable reversing power for frogs or midpoints in switches.
Power supply can be done in two ways:
Jumpers on board will give you the choice of getting 12v supply from the LocoNet® network itself,
or supply the board with external transformer.
The board itself is completely isolated from LocoNet® when the external power supply is selected.
For larger setups( i.e. more than 5 of these units in the network), the external supply is preferrable.
This board also contains a standard RJ12 LocoNet® connector, to easy adapt to LocoNet® standard.


The schematics
The pcb with parts positions
The bill of materials
N.B. Only complete ordered kits will be supported!

The prototype

To be able to finish the complicated development of the firmware, several prototypes have been made,
and are under various test situations now.
A professional produced pc-board and/or kit will only be available after these tests are finished completely and showed to be functional as desired.

A picture of the latest prototype board
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