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GCA215 Stand alone stepmotor controller for turnout or anything else that should be motorised.


By Gerard Remmerswaal and Peter Giling

This is a preliminary announcement.


  • Completely stand-alone useable with position adjustments.
  • DCC or Motorola decoder on board. (selection by different available firmware).
  • One switch or two pushbuttons command inputs.
  • Relay on board for polarity center point turnout.
  • Separate supply, or supply from rails. (100% isolated from each other).
  • Simple DDC/Motorola addressing with pushbutton.
  • control from cumputer (preferrable Rocrail) can be done by GCA50(0),CAN-GC2,GCA_PI02 and/or WIO-0x.

PCB files


The atmel processor is programmed in C.
The little PIC12 processor is the decoder.
The program for that is to download from (look for "Weichzwei").

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