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GCA215 Stand alone servomotor controller for turnout or anything else that should be moving.


By Gerard Remmerswaal and Peter Giling

This is a preliminary announcement.


  • Completely stand-alone useable with position adjustments.
  • DCC or Motorola decoder on board. (selection by different available firmware).
  • One switch or two pushbuttons command inputs.
  • Relay on board for polarity center point turnout.
  • Separate supply, or supply from rails. (100% isolated from each other).
  • Simple DDC/Motorola addressing with pushbutton.
  • control from cumputer (preferrable Rocrail) can be done by GCA50(0),CAN-GC2,GCA_PI02 and/or WIO-0x.
The pcb files
gca215_sch.pdf The schematic drawing
gca215_pcb.pdf The pcb and parts positions
gca215_parts.pdf The bill of materials


U1 (ATTINY84A) is programmed in C.

U1 hex file
U1 hex file

U2 (PIC12F629) is the decoder.
The program for that is to download from (look for "Weichzwei").
Choice can be made for DCC or Motorola, depending on the selected firmware

U2 firmware download list at
firmware for motorola decoder
firmware for DCC decoder


manual_gca215_nl.pdf Nederlandse handleiding
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