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WIO_Prog2 DCC central station with 2 x 3,5 amp output and programming track option.

Copyright Rob Versluis and Peter Giling


  • Programming track 1 Amp maximum current
  • Fastled control
  • CAN bus
  • RocNet
  • Standard I2C bus
  • Rocrail control via WIFI, CAN or USB
  • Standard I2C bus
  • Railcom capable with GCA214 detector
  • two rail outputs each 3,5 Amp (1 Amp in programming mode)


This central station is a follow-up from WIO_Prog1.
Since most central station now are working with a dc power supply, that is needed for this one too.
With two built-in 3,5Amp output drivers, one will have a to use these outputs together on your
railroad tracks, both wih their own section.
In that case you are not working with 7 Amp power on the rails, but with two sections with 3,5 Amp each.
The ouput is electronically fused, so short circuit will imediate switch off total power.
WIO_prog2 can be controlled from Rocrail via WIFI, USB and CAN.
The used firmware is the same firmware as for all WIO units, using Lolin D1 or D32 (Arduino related) modules.

further info

Since this board is using same firmware as other WIO related units, the complete concept
is explained in one page.


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