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Commandline opties

InhoudHet Programma

Tijdens het opstarten van Rocview uit een zgn Dos-box kunnen aan het programma parameters meegegeven worden.

Optie Beschrijving
-offline Starts Gui in offline mode.
-debug Set tracelevel debug.
-parse Activates parse tracelevel.
-i Specifies which Inifile to use: -i [file]
-t Specifies trace filename: -t [file] (Use relative only if using http service.)
-h Specifies target Rocrail server: -h [hostname]
-p Specifies target port: -p [port]
-s Tab index for selection.
-tabview Force tab view in case of a modular layout.
-icons Alternative icon path.
-theme Theme to use at startup.
-themespath Themes path offset.
-sp Server path to start Rocrail in a workspace.
-lang Optional extra translation file; Existing ID's will be overwritten. -lang [messages.xml]
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