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Electrical details about turnout coils


By Peter Giling

The list below is just an indication to help you choosing the right Interface for your turnouts.
This list is composed by surfing the internet.
No responsibility can be taken for the accuracy of this list.
Most of these turnout coils are made to be used with ac transformer.
Using them in Digital systeem means that they will be powered by DC, causing a slightly higher current through the coil.
In case of any doubts, always refer to the original manual of your turnouts.
To be more accurate the voltage is indicated which is used for measuring the current.
If your coils are not listed here, it is also possible to calculate the current you need.
To do that you need to know the voltage which is supllied to the coil.
Pleas remind this is not the voltage of the transformer, but the voltage directly measured ewehere the coil is to be connected.
And second measure the resistance otf the coil.
According to Ohm's law:
(Volt / resistance) is the current that will be passing the coil.
Example: The voltage = 18V , the resistance = 36 Ohm.
Then we have 18/36 = 0,5 ampere.

Mark type # Testvoltage current
( in amps)
Ohms remarks Useable with
Märklin C-rails all types 18V >1,2 11 Ohm the best idea here is to remove switches inside
solonoid drive. The installed switch can handle only 0.5 Amp
see specs : microswitch
Märklin K-rails 7549 18V 1,2 15 Ohm GCA76
Märklin M-rails 18V 0,5 32 Ohm GCA77
Roco 61195 18V 1 17 Ohm GCA76
Fleischmann 6421 18V 0,9 17 Ohm GCA76
Fleischmann 640000 ? ? ? Ohm GCA?
Fleischmann Piccolo 9182 16V 0,9 14 Ohm GCA76
Trix Minitrix 14971 16V 1,2 7 Ohm When sufficient 12V supply is used
possible with GCA77
Tillig HO scale 18V 0,6 23 Ohm GCA76
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