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GCA100 Polarity switch for turntables


By Peter Giling

MGV100 board

the prototype board

Functional Description

The MGV100 unit is used for reversing the polarity of rail sections.

Mainly commanded by use of LocoIo (MGV50) it is used for turntables or rail loops, to change polarity in a rail section.

The use in rail loops is extremely simple together with the use of MGV50, since MGV50 can directly be programmed to switch

the connected MGV100 when certain feed-backs are activated.

Schematics and PCb design

Bill of materials

K1 relay RALD5W-K Takamishawa 5 volt
D1,D2 diode 1N4148
GR1 Bridge B80C1500
F1 fuse PFRA050
J1 Screw-connector AKL012-3
J2 Screw-connector AKL012-4
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