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GCA106 MGV-Loconet to standard Loconet Gender


By Peter Giling


There were some remarks about how to connect FredI, Lissy and other items to the D-con-loconet system.

This unit provides four RJ12 connectors.

Common for all connectors there is a choice of having the power supplied to the connector or not.

Connecting power stations like Digitrax DCS100 or Intellibox, the power jumper is to be removed.

The latest version is made adaptable to GCA108, where Railsync lines are connected to D-connectors.

All diodes are removed, and only 1 jumper is left.

Remark. This board is only for D.I.Y. No board will be available.
Board CAN-GCLN, just connectors mounted, is having the same options, and is available as ready made board.

The prototype assembled

The files

The PC-board can be made single sided, by using wires on toplayer.

IMPORTANT NOTE Jumper JP1 should only be used, when only MGV85 or MGV101 is connected in the Loconet. On connection of Digitrax centrals/booster or Intellibox or any other central unit, no jumper should be set!

Bill of materials

ref part descr. dealer
Led1 Led 3mm Led 3mm
R1 2K2 resistor
J1 d-connector Male 9 pins D-SUB ST 09EU Reichelt
J2 d-connector Female 9 pins D-SUB BU 09EU Reichelt
J3..J6 RJ12 connector Mod6G Darisus
JP1 2 pin header

This is a D.I.Y. project.. No boards available.

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