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GCA116 Bascule bridge lifting controller


By Peter Giling


Originally, this unit is dedicated to lift a bascule bridge.
The unit has 2 inputs, one for command up and 1 for command down. It will drive a motor like Conrad 227560 and will recieve its commands from GCA50, CAN-GC2 or GCA_PI02.
When both command inputs are equal, nothing happens.
This will activate the bridge when inputs are not equal.
The input which stays high, when the other one goes low, will be followed.
This makes the inputs sensible for either fixed contacts, as well as pulses.
Also 2 feed-back outputs are available, to connect to input ports of GCA50, CAN-GC2 or GCA_PI02, to inform Rocrail when the bridge is in the right position.
Two more inputs are available to connect microswitches , in order to be able to switch off motor on the right position.
Two outputs will switch red and green led-signs to control the ship traffic.
Power supply is, due to the used motor, restricted to 12 Vdc or 9 Vac, maximum 0,5 Amp
When inactive the unit will need approx 10 mA.
The speed of the motor is set in the software, and will ramp and ramp down speed at start and finish
Speed is in this firmware set between 15% as minimum and 60% as maximum.
This is all adapted to the situation in the bridge as shown below.
Any other speed is possible but highly depending on gearing and the amount of loops in the pulling cable.
See listing of program if any other speed is desired.
For any practical views, look at Robs user pages:

Hardware and Firmware



N.B. Self made pc-boards are not supported!

Bill of materials

Qty Reference description
4 R1,R2,R4,R5 1 KΩ
1 R3 330 Ω
1 C1 ELCO 1000 uF 25V
1 C2 ELCO 10 uF 25V
1 C3 100 nF
1 Le1 LED 3mm green
1 Le2 LED 3mm red
1 VR1 7805
1 U1 16F628 with socket
1 U2 L293B
2 J1,J3 AKL012-04
1 J2 AKL012-03
2 J4,J5 AKL012-02
1 F1 FUSE 0.9 MFR
1 GR1 BRIDGE B80C1500 round


Connector Usage
J4 Motor
J5 12-16VAC Power supply



RocNet Pi


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