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GCA127 Interface for indication with 8/16 Leds


By Peter Giling


Like the MGV128 switch interface, this unit is made to have a lot of Leds on a switch-board, without many cables.

Each combination of 2 Leds (i.e. red and green) is connected to one output of the GCA50.

Possible uses: * 8 turnout positions each with red and green led. * 8 auxilary function indicators.

Also combination of these two suggestions is possible.

Simply one connector runs to MGV50.

This way of signalling will prove very wire-friendly when a few of them are installes in a switch-board.

Originally set-up as a testboard for new assembled MGV50 units, it proofs to have a much more extended way of use.

The prototype

The GCA50 ready for testing with GCA127 and GCA128

The hardware

The schematic design
The Pcb-layout + parts placement
N.B. Self made pc-boards are not supported!

Bill of materials

Quantity Reference Part supplier
16 R1 .. R16 330E
8 Lgn1..Lgn8 Led 3mm green
8 Lrd1..Lrd8 Led 3mm red
1 J1..J4 PSS 254/10G

possible options

* For each groupe of green and red led, a choice can be made to use either red only or green only or both. Other coulour leds are also possible.

* Connector J1 can be replaced by PSS254/10W, This connector lies flat on the circuit board to allow switchboard mounting.

Cable to GCA50

refer to: GCA50 connections

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