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GCA137 Relay board for GCA136 and CAN-GC6


By Peter Giling


This board will fit on top of GCA136. It contains 8 relays for switching turnout frog or center if needed.
Frog or center will be switched off, while servo is moving. After mounting the board on top of GCA136 with screws fixed, it automaticly is connected.
Commands for relays are received by serial transmission from the masterboard GCA136 below.
Switching turnout frogs is always a bit unfriendly for your booster. If switched the wrong way, it causes a short circuit on your rails.
Therefore it is possible to change the relay position in the configuration, to make the frog match with the situation.
But when the situation is wrong configured, one of the multifuses on the board will trip, and this is visible on the led besides it.
After short circuit is removed, the fuse will reset itself.

The prototype

GCA137 mounted on top of GCA136.


Connection of frog-centers

The frogs of switches are connected to point 3..6 of screw-terminals (= switch 1..4).
The left hand terminals 1 and 2 are connected with rail power.


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