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MGV146 Manual control for Turntable / Fiddle yard controller GCA145


By Peter Giling


The function of this board is very basic.

It contains of two large 7-segment displays, an incrimental switch and a tumble switch or jumper.

The incrimental switch is something you are familiar with because most train controllers use the same device for speed-control.

Two I2C chips receive the position from the mainboard GCA145.

The switch or jumper is to select the programming mode, where each position of the bridge can be fine-tuned.

The prototype

a combination of GCA145 with GCA146 and stepmotor The board is running

The hardware files

Connection with GCA145

IMPORTANT NOTE !!!!!! Some users seem to know better, and solder wires directly to the pins or the pc-board.!
That is totally unacceptable !!
Wires will easily break off, and cause a lot of damage in many cases.
So use connectors !!!!!

This cable is a straight connection, 8 wires, so pin1 to pin1, pin2 to pin2, etc.
Two connectors PSK 254/8W are used with 16 PSK Pins.
The pins can be soldered but using a special plier (Reichelt : PSK Krimpzange) is preferrable.
If you need just one cable, ask Peter

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