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GCA91 Patch Panel


By Peter Giling


The patch panel provide access to the Loconet® for throttles like the FRED(I).
It also shows if the Loconet® power supply is OK and the net activity.
The backside contains the normal Male/Female connectors for GCA-loconet.

The unit ready to be used


The schematic
PCB + parts placement
The bill of materials
The Gerber files
N.B. ONly complete ordered kits will be supported!

Jumper settings Jp1

Jumper at 12V Railsync+ line of J3 and J4 is connected to 12V of J1 and J2 In this case Railsync Power from any LocoNet central unit is used to supply GCA D-connectors
jumper at Railsync Railsync+ line of J3 and J4 is connected to Railsync line on J1 & J2 Use this setting when either GCA85 or GCA101 is used in GCA (D-SUB) LocoNet.
no jumper installed J3 and J4 Railsync+ lines are only interconnected together No Railsync is passed between RJ12 LocoNet and GCA (D-SUB)


The FREDI needs power supply on the Railsync line.
In normal situation JP1 is to be set at position 'Railsync'.
Without a central control station like Digitrax DCS100 or Intellibox, there is no power on that line.
In that case set jumper JP1 in position +12V.

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