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07-04-2011 - SNMP-Agent

SNMP; Manage the Rocrail server by SNMP.

Rob Versluis

03-02-2011 - SRCP-Service

SRCP; Optional service for SRCP Clients like J-Man or spdrs60.

Rob Versluis

07-10-2010 - Track plan analyzer

Track plan analyzer; generates routes by plan design.
Rob Versluis

09-09-2010 - Block side routes

Block side routes
Rob Versluis

25-08-2010 - Massoth Support

Rob Versluis

20-06-2010 - Java Mobile Client

RocJ is ready to run.

Rob Versluis

30-04-2010 - Android Mobile Client

andRoc is ready to run.

Rob Versluis

Tams RailCom
Rob Versluis

16-02-2010 - MTTM FCC Support

Rob Versluis

03-02-2010 - Selectrix SX Bus selection

Starting with version 1.4 revision 1226 the SX Bus selection is functioning.
Rob Versluis

17-01-2010 - iRoc shows the Layout

iRoc Wiki Page

Rob Versluis

25-11-2009 - First Beta version of iRoc

iRoc Wiki Page
Rob Versluis

01-11-2009 - Drag and Drop

You can now drag and drop trains from one block to another:
Jean-Michel Fischer

10-10-2009 - Version 1.3rc1 "Air" Released

19-09-2009 - Workspaces

With the new Workspaces option a user does no longer have to start the Rocrail server manually; It is all taken care by the Rocview's "Open Workspace…"
See for more information: Workspaces
Rob Versluis

08-08-2009 - R2Rnet: Support for roaming trains.

10-07-2009 - Apple Mac OS X Support

03-07-2009 - NCE Support

27-06-2009 - SPROG II, MERG Kit, Support

16-05-2009 - Manual operated signals in auto mode

20-04-2009 - Märklin Central Station 2 Support

21-03-2009 - Version 1.2 "Act" Final Release

06-03-2009 - Version 1.2 "Act" RC1

The first release candidate for the "Act" version is published:
Rob Versluis

17-01-2009 - Rocrail moves to Launchpad

After more then 6 years Rocrail will leave SourceForge as host for the Project and moves to Launchpad.
Rob Versluis

26-10-2008 - Rocrail "Vision" Released

Today the Rocrail "Vision" is released after successfully controlling the MGV Club Layout at Eurospoor 2008!
Rob Versluis

3-10-2008 - Rocrail on the MAC platform

A first version of Rocrail is running on a MAC. Please see the corresponding post in the forum.
Dirk Adolphs

19-09-2008 - The DPMA.DE Confirmed

As from now on the name Rocrail is a protected Trademark of this project.
Rob Versluis

08-08-2008 - Modular Layout Support

Routes are automatically resolved if using module connections.
Rob Versluis

25-07-2008 - Rocrail Home page and Wiki merged

To avoid doing things double and triple I decided to give up the shiny homepage and use the Wiki as the main entrance.
Rob Versluis

20-07-2008 - Modular Layout support

The modular layout support has reach a useable stage and is already operating two of them.

16-06-2008 - Roco is supported

The first version is available as snapshot.

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