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RC-CAB is a mobile Android Throttle which directly connects to one of the command stations listed below. RC-CAB therefore can be used as a mobile wireless throttle without computer connection and Rocrail and is well suited for testing purposes.

  • Android versions 4 and higher are supported.
  • A permanent Code can be requested in exchange of financial support.
  • 5 Demo minutes without an installed code.

Command Stations

Supported are

  • CBUS using the CAN-GC1e interface.
  • LocoNet GCA101 interface. → A multicast (UDP) capable Android device is needed.
  • XpressNet using the Ethernet Interface
  • Märklin CS2 (Untested)
  • RocNet → A multicast (UDP) capable Android device is needed.
  • WIO Multicast → WIP


  • Throttle with 28 functions.
  • Accessory control.
  • Programming CVs.
  • Track power control.
  • Keep alive for loco session and interface.


WiFi Access Point

drh1.img.digitalriver.com_drhm_storefront_company_ciscoeu_images_product_detail_wrt54gl-1_175x125.jpg The network in which the Ethernet Interface is connected to must be extended with a WiFi access point to be able to connect the RC-CAB to it.

Note: The Ethernet Interface must have a valid MAC-Address. Otherwise, some routers or access points may refuse a connection to that device!



Select the desired connection protocol:

  • GCA101 → UDP Multicast
  • Xpressnet → TCP/IP
  • CS2 → UDP
  • RocNet → UDP Multicast
Note: Not all devices are supporting UDP Multicast receive. It does not or only work partly.

Host / Port

Set the IP-Address and Port according the setup of the selected interface.


For use in combination with RocNet to select the default RocNetNode ID for mobile decoder commands.

Keep screen on

The Keep screen on option avoids automatically dimming of the display.

Small Throttle

Option for large displays to keep the throttle dialog small.

Email / Code

To enable the speed slider a Code is needed.
The email address field is case sensitive, and avoid blanks.
This dialog will popup after 5 demo minutes if the slider is touched/moved.

Note: In some rare cases the device has to be rebooted to get the code activated… (Samsung ACE 2)




Session status.

  • Flashing: Waiting for session.


The network connection.

  • Flashing: Not connected.


Touch the Loco address field and key in the wanted address. Confirm with the "Done" button in the key pad.
If the key pad does not show a "Done" button the new address can be activated by a long click on the Loco address field.
An existing session will be released first.
A session has been successfully requested if the RED LED lights steady.

Speed steps

After the command station did respond to the session request a speed step dialog will popup in which the correct speed step must be selected.


Release current session.


Flip track power ON/OFF.


Function group selection.
A function group contains 6 functions.



  • Short events are used for the accessory commands.
  • Flat addressing only.


For use in combination with RocNetNodes.
This dropdown list is automatically filled with found node IDs.

Start address

Touch the address field and key in the wanted start address. Confirm with the “Done” button in the key pad.
If the key pad does not show a “Done” button the new address can be activated by a ling click on the address field.


Short click.


Long click.

CV Programming


Programming On the Main; Write only.

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