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rocMobile Setup

Supported PDA's


Any PDA/SDA which can run a Java enviroment and can connect to your local LAN. Recommended is Wlam, but you can as well make a Bluetooth connection to your local lan if you know how to set it up.

Needed Software

A Java runtime enviroment for your platform. Recommended for Windows Mobile is Mysaifu (see below).

Build the sources

Use the build script found in the rocmobile directory:

cd rocmobile


cd rocmobile

This will compile the java classes and creates the JAR file.

Setup on Windows Mobile

  • Set your Servers IP and the rocrail port in the rocmobile.txt.
  • Copy the rocmobile.jar and rocmobile.txt to PDA into \rocmobile\. (or any other folder you created before).
  • Start Mysaifu and select *Type : JAR file* and browse to the rocmobile.jar.
  • Check *Show Console*
  • Select Options → Set the Current Directory to \rocmobile\.
  • Go to the tab Memory. set *max heap size* to *4MB* Stack to 128 and native stack to 640.
  • Klick OK and Execute.
  • be patient it will take a little time for the gui to come up.

Deploying the rocMobile JAR

This is just for convienience. It is as well possible to get rocmobile on your pda using other Methods like a SD-Card or Bluetooth. On Windows you can use Active Sync.

On a Linux box the following commands to connect your PDA:

$ dccm
# sudo synce-serial-config ttyUSB0
# sudo synce-serial-start

As the PDA is connected you can copy the files to it:

$ synce-pcp rocmobile.jar ":/rocmobile/rocmobile.jar"
$ synce-pcp rocmobile.txt ":/rocmobile/rocmobile.txt"

And start rocmobile from your Desktop:

$ synce-prun "../Programme/Mysaifu JVM/jre/bin/jvm.exe" – "-Xmx4M -Xconsole -setcwd \rocmobile\ -jar \rocmobile\rocmobile.jar"

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