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Manual Routes


To influence the flow of automatic running train there is already the possibility to use manual controlled signals.
But the flow, if not using schedules, remains still random.

The idea

The idea is to introduce manual operated routes:
If a train tries to find a next destination it looks for free fitting blocks and a fitting route to the block.
But if all possible routes from the originate block are manual the train must select a route which is set to 'green' instead of finding a block.
If a route is set to 'green' the train must try to reserve the block at the other side of the route.

Route Symbol

Until now a route has no graphical representation, but in case of manual operated routes there is need for one.
The default visibility of the route symbol will be invisible to be compatible with existing Rocrail plans.

Possible symbols:

  • A push button.
  • Similar to a block, just shorter with the route ID or current state

In any case a Four-State symbol is needed for:

Status Mode Color
selected manual blue
unselected manual grey
locked automatic yellow
free automatic white

Route symbols will clutter the layout if there are many routes from one block to others, so this solution will be not the main goal of development.
However this option will not be removed because sometimes it is very help full to have an optical route feedback.
The only supported route statuses are free and locked. A tooltip will show which is locking the route.

CTC Wiring

CTC support introduced a route locking itself with its route ID.
This new phenomena can be used for manual routes:

  • Loco property: use only routes which are locked by itself.
  • Manual routes will accept locking if locked by itself.
  • The Loco frees up the route after reaching the next block.

CTC can also be used with virtual buttons instead of real hardware.
Use the sensor symbols as button and map them to the virtual CS. The same addresses must be used in the route CTC setup.
However the sensor button solution needs some extra fine tuning to behave like a button.
As alternative to sensors the output object could be extended to behave like a button but sends the same command as a sensor to trigger a sensor emulation.

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