Melder Monitor


A dialog for testing the (undefined)sensors.

If testing a new layout the monitoring of not yet defined sensors could be very helpful to determine the reported address.
Initially the list is empty and fills only after one or more sensor events which came in after Rocview was started.

Only active if the automatic mode is disabled.


Manually refresh the list.


Reset all counters of the selected sensor.


  • Auto refresh on sensor events.
  • Shows undefined and defined sensor events.
  • State and counters.
  • Load. (BiDIB, RocNet&ADC-Sensors)
  • Identifier. (Railcom, RFID, …)
  • Sortable on all columns, inverted by second click on same column.
  • Drag&Drop: The Bus and Address value of the selected sensor event can be used to assign to an existing sensor object in the track plan. (6536+)
    A drop on a free place in the track plan create a new sensor object after the input of its ID via dialog.

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