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Servo Test

User pagesRob Versluis


  • Conrad 230500 Servo ES-05 JR ( € 4,95 )
  • Conrad 234915 Servo tester
  • Tillig Elite Turnout


servo-test-1.jpg The Tillig Elite and the Servo tester are mounted on top of the test bench.

servo-test-2.jpg The servo fitting is made from aluminium 15x15 profile and the wire is made of 0,8mm steel.

servo-test-3.jpg The only visable part of the servo is the wire.

servo-test-4.jpg Cross section view.

Manuel test with the Servo tester

The servo can set the turnout very slow and silent in another position. In other words: Very positive.

Decoder test

The decoder will be made for me by Peter Giling and can be connected to John Jabour's LocoIO. It will also feature relais for polarisation of the electro frogs. You may also use Opendecoder for driving the servo. (WIP)

Modified construction



The new developed servo driver by Peter Giling

On the picture it is connected to a MGV50 LocoIo. Also LocoIo is possible.


  • 4 servo outputs
  • 4 0-5V inputs, 1 per servo
  • 4 0-5V outputs for postion feed-back 1 per servo
  • relays for polarising the electro frog
  • induvidual speed setting
  • induvidual rotation angle
  • LocoIO compatible
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