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"Neustadt a/d Weinstraße"

Rob Versluis

  • Neustadt a/d Weinstrasse | Plan-F

I started building this layout back in 2000.


Digital history:

  • Many bugs I fixed in the EDiTS firmware, but the system did not get good enough. (p50)
  • The DDL(erddcd) sensor bus was not reliable for this track layout. I invested much time and did not get the result I want. (srcp)
  • Märklin was too much bound to the MM format, and the computer interface did not offer many commands. (p50)
  • Until now I am using the IntelliBox, and because it offers so much possibilities in hard- and software, I just will stuck with it for a while. (p50x)
  • The IB supports the LocoNet® protocol directly on the serial port. But I want to have two ways of controlling the layout, so I got myself a LocoBuffer. (loconet)


  • Connect sensors to all important turnouts to detect their position because they do not always function reliable. Turnouts are mostly the cause of accidents. Rocrail supports turnout sensors and have been proven solid state.
  • Invest in DCC and LocoNet® compatible devices. Both technics are widely accepted and available for all layout sizes.
  • Seperate all your blocks into 5 isolated sections, even if you do not need them right now. The sections not used for detection can be connected to the main rail power. If you do not do this, you will have a lot of work afterwards when needing an extra section…
  • Avoid using the same power supply for tracks and turnouts. Turnouts are in need for a lot of power for a short time which could be not available when some trains are running with the same power supply. Split it up or invest only in decoders with an external power option. (Uhlenbrock 63410, Viessmann 5211, …)

nw1.jpg nw2.jpg nw3.jpg nw4.jpg nw5.jpg nw6.jpg nw7.jpg nw8.jpg robvrs-neustadt-2000.jpg

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